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o1 Basics
Name: jaymie
Age: 16… almost
Male/Female: female
Location: colorado
Status: taken♥

me and my tony baby:
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Pet Peeves: chapped lips, pants that is too short, wet socks, and when people color in different directions.

o2 Favorites
(no more than 3)
bands/artists: taking back Sunday, the used, the distillers
movies: A walk to remember, Madagascar, Troy
tv shows: InuYasha && Fullmetal alchemist (Japanese animation)
books: the entire redwall series, sabriel, girl with a pearl earring.
food: pizza or these noodles which I cannot spell the name to but they’re Japanese (I’m Japanese)Japanese noodles.
hobbies: writing, soccer, hanging out w/ friends
color: pink, black, white, brown, I know I put four, sorry.

03 Getting to know you
if you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Japan because that’s where I've always wanted to go and see the house that my grandma gave up to live here in America with my grandpa, and because I am Japanese and I just love the culture, language and fashion, and cartoons and everything.
do you believe in abstinence? yes, that is the greatest gift i can give my husband. but if you feel you're ready before mariage go for it, im not saying you're a bad person if you dont.
if you could change one thing about the human race, what would it be and why? hate, because it’s a waste of energy, and it’s a big source of pain, destruction, and misery.
what one song can sum up your life in a general nutshell? bruised by jack's mannequin
what tv/movie character do you relate yourself to the most and why? haha, she's a japanese character for inuyasha, her name is kikyo, because she's sad all the time, and keeps to her self. but every once and a while, she'll just sit there and blurt it all out.
dazzle us, tell us something random i can touch my tongue to my nose
tell us about an embarrassing moment oh boy, lets see, there was this once, a while back, when i fell asleep in class and i had the name of my crush on my hand, and it smudged onto my face, and no one told me, then at lunch i was talking to him, and he was like whats that on your face?? I LOVE NICk?? i was so embarrased. that was like sixth grade tho. so no big deal now.
what's cooler than sliced bread? penguins

o4 Either or
abercrombie or american eagle?I don’t shop at either, but if I had to choose, I suppose id go with abercrombie
hillary or lindsay?Lindsay, though I dislike them both.
skateboarding or rollerblading? rollerblading
dogs or cats?cats, I have three
diamonds or pearls?pearls
long or short hair? long hair
beach or mountains? beach

o5 Community Related
give your opinions of the mods
Amber:haha your aditude, i looked at your lj, and that one post about ur bf and you. thats balls.
Jenny:i have monkey toes to, haha, but i love your hair :)
Laura:i love your cheek bones and your eyes.
how did you hear about this communityjust looking around.
what makes you dazzling?I protect my friends, from what ever I can, and when they need blunt and honest advice, they all come to me.
how would you rate this application (1lowest- 10 highest)9ish
any suggestions or concerns?have your layout centered. Or fill up the space to the right. Other than that, I love everything.

o6 Pictures
a salute (username @ truly_dazzling)

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If you don't post a salute, you will be auto-rejected.
post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself
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Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
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and if accepted what picture do you want as your member pic?

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