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truly_dazzling's Journal

Welcome to truly dazzling
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Amber xdrunkwithlust_

Jenny goodgal996

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Laura shjh2448

o1 reasons are not needed when voting but dont
be rude, just be tactful & avoid pernicious words
o2 You may only promote if you ask a mod first.
You may find more information and contact info
for the mods here.
o3 NO nudity in any posts what so ever
o4 Must respect the mods & members
o5 Vote & promote
o6 have fun!

o2 must be 14+ to apply
o3 48 hours after joining the communtiy to apply
o4 you will be stamped within 48 hours of applying
o5 you cannot make any POST other than
your application until you are stamped.
o6 NO commenting, unless asked to be swayed. It makes counting votes hard to read.
o7 application must be under an lj-cut
o8 To show you read the rules, put the phrase "I'm every cliche, but I simply do it best" somewhere in the application.
o9 You must supply us with a salute. If
you don't, you will be auto-rejected.
10 If you were rejected you can re-apply
within a week.
11To show you read ALL the rules, answer the question "What's cooler than sliced bread?" with "penguins".
12 Remember that this is a rating community
based mainly on appearance, if you cannot handle
any kind of criticism please, don't apply.

--Are rude to mods or members.
--Suspected of and/or caught using false information/pictures.
--Delete their application.

Please pick one of the following applications.
doNOT use rich-text):

Scavenger Hunt:
Live Hunt--Your Favorite...

Candy bar
article of clothing
Room in your house

Online Hunt

Under construction

Music Shuffle!
Pick 10-20 songs on your playlist and post lyrics from them.
The members will then guess the songs (Screen your comments so the members can't cheat)
Have fun!

Terrific Trios
None right now. Please check back later for more details.

Coloring Contest
o1. You may either print the picture
out and color it yourself, or use photoshop,
paint or a similar program to color it.
o2. No animations please.
o3. When you are done, post your finished
picture as a comment to the entry the mod makes
only. Each member is allowed to post one entry.
o4. The comments will be screened so nobody
except the mods with know who submitted each entry.
o5. Everyone who submits an entry will get
20 points and the winner will get 75 points.
There is no coloring contest right now.

o1. you must challenge someone you
believe does not belong in the community
o2. when challenging them right in
the subject line "stamped//challenge" with
your application under a live journal cut
of who you are challenging
o3. the person who has been challenge has
48 hours to post their application in reply
o4. if the person being challenged does not respond
in 3 days, he/she will be removed from the community
o5 the loser of the challenge will be told
to promote to however many places the winner says.
o6. the winner will receive an auto accept & an
auto reject as well as a place in the winners section

Challenge Application